GSF Bandit Projects

Suzuki Bandit Projects

Feb 122014
My Bandit 600n factory specifications.

GSF 600 N Bandit 1995 Overall Width:           745 mm (29.3 in) Overall Height:          1 100 mm (43.3 in.) Seat Height :              805 mm (31,7 in) Wheelbase:                1 430 mm (56,3 in) Ground Clearance:    125 mm (4.9 in) Dry […]

Oct 152013
It's all about the balance

It’s all about the balance. In this case how balanced your carburettors are. Early on I realised my Bandit engine wasn’t running quite right, but I mistakenly believed it was caused by less easily or cheaply fixed issue’s than carb balance. My belief went back […]

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