GSF Bandit Projects

Suzuki Bandit Projects

Oct 282019
Its Bandit o clock 2

The second series A little more practical info this series. Related Posts:Motorcycle safety ad – What do we have to do to get noticed!Mondello Masters Superbike onboard.1Goodridge brake light switch.The bike and the backstory.Karma or what?Peter Hickman. Follow this…

Feb 122014
My Bandit 600n factory specifications.

GSF 600 N Bandit 1995 Overall Width:           745 mm (29.3 in) Overall Height:          1 100 mm (43.3 in.) Seat Height :              805 mm (31,7 in) Wheelbase:                1 430 mm (56,3 in) Ground Clearance:    125 mm (4.9 in) Dry […]

Oct 152013
It's all about the balance

It’s all about the balance. In this case how balanced your carburettors are. Early on I realised my Bandit engine wasn’t running quite right, but I mistakenly believed it was caused by less easily or cheaply fixed issue’s than carb balance. My belief went back […]

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