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Goodridge brake light switch.

Goodridge brake light switch.

OK. I searched for this info before I bought and google did not provide the answers on the day, so I’m adding this info to the web in the hope it will save someone a little bit of hassle. I was ordering a goodridge pressure […]

Stock exhaust has got to go..

Stock exhaust has got to go..

Loud pipes save lives after all.   I am, as it happens a believer in the mantra that loud pipes save lives. But that aside, I had no real choice when it came to the exhaust system on the shadow.     The stock exhaust […]

The Gamma 3 min spin

The Gamma 3 min spin

After finally getting the Gamma running I took it for a spin with a camera recording the view from the top of the tank…. enjoy This has been on youtube for ages and I only thought to post a link here now. Related Posts:That pesky […]

Hunting down and fitting rear fender "b"

Hunting down and fitting rear fender “b”

To be quite honest I didn’t realise when I got the bike that there was a rear fender “b” to be missing. Fender “b” it turns out is a plastic piece of the rear fender (the main more visible part of the rear fender being […]

Things I learned the hard way...coolant tank pipes.

Things I learned the hard way…coolant tank pipes.

In this the first post of it’s kind for the Shadow I am just going to draw your attention to what would have been a small detail when I was fitting the coolant reserve tank to the frame but because I didn’t have the foresight […]

The Shadows frame and assorted ironmongery part 2

The Shadows frame and assorted ironmongery part 2

Just in case you had forgotten from this post, the swingarm for the Shadow had not done well in the initial coating process. In fact it had shown how little metal was left in the bottom of the cross member when it was subjected to […]

And two come at once......

And two come at once……

Like the buses, you wait an age for one and then 2 come at once… Since I started my Gamma rebuild (a few years ago now) I have never seen another road fit Gamma 125 in the flesh and I have met only one Guy […]

I am truly a born again.....

I am truly a born again…..

    Originally posted 06-2011 this is my account of my first proper ride of the newly redone Gamma and also my first proper ride on a motorbike in some time.   Well it’s official….. After almost a year of talking the talk and dealing […]

Cleaning up the engine casings. Part 1

Cleaning up the engine casings. Part 1

    Part 1. The left hand side casing.     So, given that Bikerbabe had requested the Shadow be made black as much as possible, I had allowed that the now just barely silver/grey engine side casings would have to be removed and powder […]

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