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Privacy & Security takes visitors rights to privacy very seriously. does not collect personally identifiable information on our visitors, except where a user chooses to provide this information via our web site forms (e.g. your web site member profile or the submit comment form). Even if you provide information to this site, will use this information only for the purpose for which it was provided. does not rent, sell, share or otherwise pass on your personally identifying information to any company or individual.

Please note that some of the optional information you provide in this site’s forms and forum’s can be viewed by the public and/or other members of this site, this is also the case for the content of your comment’s and/or post’s (obviously). If a user chooses to display personal information publicly in this manner cannot be held responsible for what use is made of this information by any party.

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Please note that at this time uses cookies for site function only and is permitted by E.U. law to place these cookies. If you wish  to block these cookies from the website and/or other sites then you may do so by adjusting your browser’s cookie handling settings. For more information on cookies and their possible uses you could visit For more on how to  manage cookies on your browser you should consult your browsers help section or try the manage cookies page for instructions for most popular browsers. Please note that if you block some or all of the cookies from you may not be able to access some of the area’s or features of the site.

Most contributors to this site have the ability to add media content to their posts or pages. Some or all of this media may be hosted at another site (e.g. Youtube). Be aware that this media is under the control of it’s host site and not and as such if you chose to interact with this remotely hosted media you will be subject to that host sites privacy and cookie statement and/or policy.


All of the contributors at hope to provide accurate and factual information to our visitors, however accepts no liability whatsoever, implicit or implied, for any damages of any sort arising out of your use of this site or the information contained herein.

Comments, Views & Opinions hope to actively encourage visitors to express their views and opinions. In all such cases however, the comments, views or opinions expressed are those of the individual, and publication of any such comments, views or opinions does not necessarily represent an endorsement in any way by or any of it’s members or other contributors. also reserves the right to edit or remove any text or content placed on the web site without prior notice to it’s author. Please see our Subscriber policy and our Contributor policy for more information on adding content to

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All content on this site is by contributors unless otherwise indicated. All media on the site are either in the public domain or provided by contributors and used with full permission. All such content not already in the public domain may not be reproduced without the explicit written consent of the owners of

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Last updated: 21 July 2018. Download a copy of this statement Here.


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