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May 242020
Richard Hammond Long Way Round..Crash

Favourite Quote “It’s not down to me to work out whats wrong with you” Related Posts:Mondello run. Dunlop, Irwin, Hickman.The TL1000s might have a handling issueThe Doctor, The greatest of all time.Happy MotoGP style….An out pouring of anti spanish MotoGP rider sentiment……Mondello Masters Superbike onboard.1

Jul 222019
The TL1000s might have a handling issue

Handling issue fault found and dealt with for what I remember as not small money back in the day… Related Posts:It’s Bandit o’clockA Few Funny Bike VidsMondello Track Day Onboard Vid..1Small Gamma project..He should start from the back row facing the wrong way….Happy MotoGP style….

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