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With a very similar approach to the gamma probe test, I checked out both the temperature probe (temperature sensor) that came with the bike and a probe (sensor) that came with some parts I bought second hand.

I’m not going to repeat an explanation of the tests as it’s the same as the Gamma probe tests which you can read about here but I thought I would show the results so that people who might go to the trouble of testing this temperature sensor using the workshop manual guide would have some extra real world results to compare their own results against. The graph below shows some of my test results compared with the couple of figures provided by the workshop manual that where within the range of my test. I had to extrapolate the 90ºC spec figure as the next nearest from the manual was at 110°C and I haven’t figured out how to test 10ºC above boiling point of water yet. If someone knows how this might be done by someone at home then please let me know below in the comments (Thanks in advance).


So like I said the above graph shows my results for the VT700c temperature sensors that I had, compared against the spec figures from the manual that where in my testable range. Below is a table of some extra results I captured while doing the test, most of which are below the temperature range of the figures the workshop manual provided. But they are also more in a range that can be tested in your saucepan on the cooker at home and should still serve as a good indicator of the state of your own temperature sensor.



I suppose given that the engine’s thermostat opens at in around 80ºC to 84ºC then if the temperature sensor is in and around the correct resistance figure at that temperature then the minimum requirements are met for the sensor as the temp gauge on the dash is only an indicator after all and not actually an accurate measure of temperature. All the rider really needs from that gauge is confirmation that the engine is currently running at it’s usual operational temperature or if not then whether it is running hotter or colder than that.



BTW Several bikers have said to me to make sure that the radiator fan works, as a blown head gasket is a remove engine from frame job and I already know I don’t want that job again any time soon. So I’m testing every bit of the cooling system for this engine as I go along. So while I was testing the temperature sensor I took the opportunity to drop the radiator fan thermostatic switch into the pan as well and it switched at 85ºC, the click of the switch could be heard clearly from close by, but I verified with my multimeter across the terminals as well.

VT700c_cooling_systm_strpdwn_ (7) (Custom)


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