Apr 162015



Originally posted 06-2011 this is my account of my first proper ride of the newly redone Gamma and also my first proper ride on a motorbike in some time.


Well it’s official…..
After almost a year of talking the talk and dealing with people who where actually bikers, I can now formally say I am the owner/operator of a motorcycle type vehicle, an individual otherwise known as a “biker”.

Now I had taken the bike for short spins for test purposes (ahem), on private roads (ahem ahem), but today I sorted out (well really the wife did) the insurance properly and I got to legitimately drive on the public roads of this land. And so I did LOL

There are four companies currently offering bike insurance in this country, another change from when I last drove a bike when only Norwick union did it. Apparently Norwick are part of some other company now and don’t do bikes any more. Of the four doing it, one only does bikes of 126cc or bigger (cowards LOL), another class the gamma as high risk and therefore high premium, cause they go by power to weight ratio (and in fairness the ratio is high on the little gamma 🙂 ) so they quoted €530 third party only. Another wasn’t far behind at €500 for 3rd party fire and theft. But the last one, Carol Nash gave me 3rd party plus 4 AA roadside assistance calls a year for €293.
So armed with the certainty that I was insured and therefore road legal I set off as soon as the wife arrived home from work as I figured someone would frown upon me leaving the kids home alone LOL. Now I would like to say it was a dream drive but there are just to many things wrong with the set-up to say that, but I will say I enjoyed it tremendously. I enjoyed it enough that I left at 7:15pm for the quick test spin and arrived back at 10:55pm more ’cause I was cramping up on bad lever settings than because of any desire to stop riding. It’s funny, I expected to be more frightened by the ride, but it seems it really is just like riding a bike, LOL.

Ok the list of thing’s wrong

1. Clutch lever set way to high on bar

2. front brake lever not lighting brake light until hit hard

3. Gear lever set to low for my foot

4. Engine totally dies at 4500rpm and won’t recover ’til 5500rpm, unfortunately this is about where the engine in the right gear would be at a speed of 80km/h which is the top speed for all non main roads these day’s.

5. The engine is indicating it’s running too hot (but it’s not overheating)

6. Headlight is a little high and a little to the right (more a problem for oncoming traffic than me).

7. The stupid high vis “L” plate vest I have to wear ’cause I’m a learner driver again LOL.

And the list of thing’s right

1. Riding a straight clean dry road by a canal in the summer just as the light is starting to fail (which I did this evening, I can’t describe it, those who know it, know)

2. The bike jacket I picked up at bikefest (I wish I had had a jacket like it back in the day) I didn’t so much as feel a draft anywhere and it’s colour’s match the bike

3. Once the engine is above 5500rpm it is so easy to drive and very gutsy.

4. Did I mention just driving along a winding country road (that I know) with feck all traffic and the time to enjoy the spin.

5. I know it should be a given but since the bike has gone through a complete rebuild recently it’s good that nothing fell off or went loose or needed immediate adjustment.

I am going out tomorrow again (after adjustment’s) to bring it to a Suzuki agent’s place, ’cause he asked me to bring it out to him once it was on the road, so that he could see a gamma running again. After that I could end up anywhere, which is just feckin’ cool…….