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Feb 142021
Not many about now, stats say..

Was wandering and found this site. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk Quick search shows a suprisingly small number (at least to me) of RG’s about.https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=suzuki%2Frg125&commit=Search# Related Posts:Bandit 600 review by men&motors 1998Another one up for sale..The TL1000s might have a handling issue

Feb 012020
Rgr bits for sale on adverts.ie

Just saw these up for sale and thought I’d share. Front wheel RG 80 maybe 125 (just repeating ad info) https://www.adverts.ie/18112408 Gasket set for an RG80 https://www.adverts.ie/17068854 Related Posts:And two come at once……Suzuki Whaaat?Instructional videos. How to Ride Bitch and How to…

Nov 282014
The Rgr125 Gamma Power valve details.

Apparently I was lucky in that I have an rgr125 Gamma engine that came with a still operating power valve. But that was less to do with luck and more because “back in the day” in Ireland, learner legal bike restrictions where mainly based on […]