I don't aim to tell anyone how to do it, only to show them how I did it and maybe what I've learned while doing it. Therefore each and every project that I write about will fall somewhere between being a shining example of quality work and a horrible example of what not to do. Which is which can be for the reader to decide.

Mar 262021

I’m not feeling any of that. I’m not getting the metro guys making a leather jacket look like a suit. I’m not getting the look of the “modern cruiser” which to me looks like somebody glued spare bits from the last Judge Dread movie onto a much smaller bike. Riding a cruiser apparently looks like something else in India.

Feb 142021
Total failure of engine electrics while riding at full speed....expletive deleted...

Now that wasn’t funny. Not funny at all. I was heading home the other day, maybe 15 odd miles to go, it’s wet on the road but not raining right now. The Bandit is running fine, I’ve just gained maybe half a mile on the […]