Sep 292014

Look at this for a helmet…


Once the initial eagerness of wanting to be like some sort of fighter pilot on my bike wore off I realised a few things. Things like the price which makes it an awful expensive item to have to get rid of because you dropped it in the car park.

And just with what I see in their video it seems to me that it would be harder to catch the bike coming up my inside with the HUD up over my view of my mirror. And then for them to add loads of options for distracted riding like answering your phone and music. My feeling would be that if I require these distractions while travelling then those are the times I bring the car. Indeed I often bring the bike to get away from those very distractions. I just don’t get it, but apparently lot’s think otherwise and I don’t get that either. 😕

Anyone able to explain to me how this isn’t a step backward on the riding experience we enjoy as bikers or at least tell me why it’s worth the extra distraction risk and money?


BTW the pre order price (ships July 2015) for one Skully Ar-1 is $499 deposit with $949 due at ship, and they have, according to their site, $2,092,617 raised of a $250,000 goal. So it would appear lot’s of people (with money) don’t see it like I do.



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