Apr 052013

I’m only just catching up with this thing. Thanks to an article in this weeks MCN I discover that an increase in the percentage of ethanol in petrol is on the cards in the UK and maybe Ireland as well.

The main bike manufacturers have stated what models will work with it and so far I haven’t seen a model younger than early 90’s. I also know that some tank sealants like petseal have had problems with ethanol content before this, and now some manufacturers are saying their own production sealants will fail with a 10% ethanol content.

I have yet to find specific info for my situation but I would suggest it’s worth watching out for the E10 badge when your filling up your old bikes tank.

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  1. F.Y.I all unleaded in Maxol stations in Ireland is E5 i.e up to 5% ethanol, has been for quite a while.

    My 05 bandit’s service manual specifies unleaded of 91 octane or higher with less than 10% ethanol………Suzuki (from here http://www.realclassic.co.uk/techfiles/bioethanol_fuel_study.pdf) apparently say all Suzuki’s from 2005 on can use a 10% ethanol/petrol blend.

    • Hay, that is a quality document but it doesn’t help us old bike riders (as in riders of older bikes). I was using maxol for a while thinking the higher octane was a good thing but since I changed to 95 octane Texaco, I think my Bandit runs better. As of yet I haven’t found any info to say one way or the other whether my 95 model Bandit or my 88 model gamma will or won’t handle the new stuff if/when it arrives in Ireland.

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